How to pick the GST online registration and return filing records?

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    I have already submitted my details and returns in online. My business is getting more types of works and records also. My manager is getting all types of accurate details for submitting in online GST registration. But the details are not getting from that. My login page is not getting the option for editing the items and details. I cannot pick the GST online registration and my return filing records. Why Is it deleted? What is the problem it is? Please help me the find which types of errors or problem available in my records? i am ready to solve that now.
    I have taken one more types of records in my mail id. It is helps for paying the tax amount. GST rates and GST registration details are needed for my new business. My sister is getting the experience for sale the women cloths and other materials in local area. She is willing to start the shop for sale cloths and other things for women. So we need to apply the loan from bank and submitting the required details also. What are the documents are needed for applying loan? What are the GST rates are applicable for loan amount buying from bank? Please help me to know the information and details about that.
    My sister is getting support with my family and friends. They are given best support and ideas for starting the new business. She needs the information about the GST software using tricks. Already know about the GST registration form filing and GST return filing matters also. So please tell me the required materials and details about my question. I am waiting for your messages and you can contact me directly via my mail id. Please friends help me and tell more information about the GST rates

    Faheem Haydar


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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