Doctors call for compulsory suspensions and test to save knocked out fighters

Doctors call for compulsory suspensions and test to save knocked out fighters
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The doctors of ringside for example UFC, MMA and boxing are called for suspensions and test for fighters who get knocked out to ensure they have enough time to recover before they fight again.

According to reuters, Many state athletic commissions in the USA previously ascribe suspensions of 30, 60 or 90 days but Dr. John Neidecker of the Association of Ringside Physicians (ARP) said that more needs to be done to protect fighters.

“We want to increase awareness and educate those involved in combat sports about the best practices in concussion management and help bring them into combat sports,” he said.

“These guidelines (about universal mandatory suspensions) could potentially decrease the incidence of long-term neurological problems in combat sports athletes.”

Those fighters who have suffered kockouts, the Association of Ringside Physicians (ARP) wants they should be tested by specialist doctors before they start fight again.

“They should take place in a quiet environment, like a dressing room, not just at ringside. This practice typically does not happen at events where there is a single physician covering,” Neidecker said.

“Combat sports are inherently different then non-combat sports in both objective and head impact exposure. Therefore guidelines in concussion management should be more conservative in combat sports,” Neidecker explained.

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